Recent Publications

  1. Marshall, A. S.; Rogers, R. A.; Perry, J. W.; Brittain, W. J., Transient Spectroscopic Characterization of the Ring-Opening Reaction of Tetrahydrochromeno[2,3-dimethyl]indole. Phys. Org. Chem. 2016, accepted, revised manuscript submitted to editorial office on Nov. 30, 2015.
  2. Rastogi, S. K.; Rogers, R. A.; Shi, J.; Gao, C.; Rinaldi, P. L.; Brittain, W. J. Conformational Dynamics of ortho-Fluoro Substituted Z-Azobenzene. Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 11485-11490.
  3. Rastogi, S. K.; Rogers, R. A.; Shi, J.; Brown, C. T.; Salinas, C.; Martin, K. M.; Armitage, J.; Dorsey, C.; Chun, G.; Rinaldi, P.; Brittain, W. J., Through-Space 19F-19F Spin-Spin Coupling in ortho-Fluoro Z-Azobenzene. Reson. Chem. 2015, in press, DOI: 10.1002/mrc.4327.
  4. Barker, K.; Rastogi, S. K.; Dominguez, J.; Cantu, T.; Brittain, W.; Irvin, J.; Betancourt, T. Biodegradable DNA-enabled Polyethylene glycol) Hydrogels Prepared by Copper-Free Click Chemistry. Biomater. Sci., Polym. Ed. 2016, 27, 22-39.
  5. Gu, R.; Lamas, J., Rastogi, S.; Li, X.; Brittain, W.; Zauscher, S. Z, Photocontrolled Micellar Aggregation of Amphiphilic DNA-Azobenzene Conjugates. Colloid Surface B 2015, in press.
  6. Rogers, R. A.; Rodier, A. R.; Stanley, J. A.; Douglas, N. A.; Li, X.; Brittain, W. J., A Study of the Spiropyran-Merocyanine System Using Ion-Mobility – Mass Spectrometry: Experimental Support for a Cisoid Conformation. Commun. 2014, 50, 3424-3426.
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  8. Constable, A. N.; Brittain, W. J., (TX) Modification of Flow Through Silica Micro-Capillaries via Polymer Brushes. Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2011, 380 (1-3), 128-134.